What is BingoData.co.uk?

BingoData.co.uk started out as a quarterly publication (The BingoData Report) that aimed to analyse market share and player trends within the UK online bingo market.

Each report features data gathered from hourly monitoring of the UK's most popular online bingo sites. Focusing specifically on the average number of bingo players at each site, it provides an overview of market share as well as changing trends over time at an individual brand level.

The business has since evolved to offer more bespoke reporting and competitor analysis for any online bingo operator looking to learn more about the current UK online bingo market trends.

Who is behind this website?

BingoData.co.uk is owned and managed by Wayne Howe, a specialist online bingo marketing consultant.

Wayne is well known in the industry as the former organiser of the WhichBingo Awards (2014-2019) and editor of the WhichBingo Annual Report (2019-2020). He also runs his own bingo affiliate site; HowAbout Bingo and has worked with various online bingo operators over the years as a consultant.

More recently he was hired to lead the online bingo product at Buzz Bingo, so he has direct knowledge of what information is important to operators looking to get information about the competition.

What services do we provide?

Our main export is the quarterly report, which features a rolling three month analysis of player numbers at the main bingo brands that we monitor (see below for the full list of sites).

We have also worked with a number of brands on more niche reports, such as competitor analysis of a specific site or even building tools that will visit a competitor and pull out their entire bingo games schedule, so that you can analyse and alter your own product offering to compete with them.

Whatever your bingo data needs, please contact us and set up a call to see what we can offer.

Which bingo sites are included in the report?

The dataset currently consists of information gathered from 20 of the most popular online bingo brands from the industry's main software providers:

  • 888 Ladies (Dragonfish)
  • Bet365 Bingo (Playtech)
  • Betfair Bingo (Playtech)
  • Butlers Bingo (Pragmatic Play)
  • Buzz Bingo (Playtech)
  • Coral Bingo (Electraworks)
  • Costa Bingo (Dragonfish)
  • Dove Bingo (Pragmatic Play)
  • Foxy Bingo (Electraworks)
  • Gala Bingo (Electraworks)
  • Heart Bingo (Pragmatic Play)
  • Jackpotjoy (Gamesys)
  • Ladbrokes Bingo (Electraworks)
  • Mecca Bingo (Playtech)
  • Paddy Power Bingo (Playtech)
  • PlayOJO Bingo (Pragmatic Play)
  • Sky Bingo (Playtech)
  • Sun Bingo (Playtech)
  • Tombola
  • William Hill (Playtech)
  • Wink Bingo (Dragonfish)

What about the sites that aren't in the report?

According to the WhichBingo Report 2020, there were 264 online bingo brands in the UK market at the end of 2019.

It would be impractical to monitor each and every one, particularly as the vast majority are made up of smaller white-label brands which would show very little difference in player numbers from other white-label sites on the same network.

As a result, we opted to monitor a selection of 20 of the most well-known brands across each of the main software providers, which according to WhichBingo power 85% of all the sites in the UK.

How do you get your data?

Quite simply, we visit each bingo site, every hour, every day, and record game information directly from each bingo lobby, including player numbers, ticket prices and jackpots. Everything we gather is just the same information that is publicly visible to players.

For the majority of sites we can see the room name, number of players, prize, ticket price, jackpot and time to next game.

BingoData Report dataset table
Linked rooms are flagged so we don't count them more than once in our totals

When it is time to analyse the data, our system automatically flags potential linked rooms, which we then manually review to ensure that these games are only counted once in our totals.

Also, when it comes to analysis, we only include games that are due to take place within 20 minutes of our visit. This is to ensure that we are not counting any advance pre-buy games that won't be taking place until hours or even days later.

What is PPV?

When we analyse player numbers, we often present the data as a 'PPV' figure. This stands for 'Players Per Visit' and is basically the number of bingo players, averaged for that specific time period.

For example, on 1st May 2020 we visited tombola once per hour for 24 hours. The lowest number of players we saw was at 5am (3,317 players) and the peak was at 9pm (20,277 players). PPV is simply the average of all these readings taken throughout that day (10,720 players).

We have chosen this methodology because we do not track every single game, just those within 20 minutes of our hourly visits. In these circumstances, 'Players Per Visit' makes perfect sense.

The only downside to our frequency of visitation is that our results will not include any games taking place outside of that 20 minute window.

How reliable is the data?

The data featured in our reports is only as reliable as the information displayed to players on each of the individual bingo sites.

Occasionally there will times when bingo sites go offline due to scheduled maintenance or unexpected technical problems. When this occurs, we will usually estimate the PPV based on previous data.

If the downtime extends beyond several hours, and it becomes clear it wasn't just scheduled maintenance, then we will mark that site as having no players for that visit, which will be reflected in their daily PPV score.

If there are errors on the sites that mean accurate player numbers are not displayed, then these inaccuracies will be followed through in our report. When this happens, we will make it clear in the report analysis that we suspect this may have occurred.

Do you have a sample report?

Click the image below to see a sample of our first report from Mar-May 2020. This particular report had 59 pages in total and 68 different graphs of information.

We also provide an overall summary and pieces of information and analysis throughout, commentating specifically on any interesting trends in the data.

BingoData Report Sample
BingoData report

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